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of bat ] [ male announcer ] hanging out with cal has its benefits... so does taking one a day men's. go to to enter for a chance to meet me and watch the 2013 mlb all star game. he's been behind bars for more than three years. now, jury deliberations are under way in the murder trial of drew peterson. good afternoon. i am dina bair. and i'm nancy loo. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's tonya francisco is live at the courthouse in joliet with our top story.
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within the first hour they sent a note to the judge requesting the transcript for the weekend of kathleen savio step of the phone records between drew peterson and his fourth wife stacey ... they wanted more information on the testimony of the divorce lawyer ... the judge denied that particular request and then he received another note ... the transcript on the discussion about the police report where it was reported drew peterson threaten the life of his third wife ... >>it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who did this >>the sister kathleen savio is certain that drew peterson is guilty but it's up to the jury to decide ... he was to march
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with two counts of first-degree murder in the what death of his third wife of kathleen savio ... the case got reopened in 2007 after the fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared new autopsies' after the body was exhumed determined that she had been indeed murdered ... prosecutors presented a mountain of circumstantial and forensic evidence ... and hearsay evidence that implicated him in the death of his third wife ... only the findings from two separate pathologists were submitted by the defense claiming that the case of death was an accident ... this morning the defense attorney offered his thoughts about how long the jury would take to reach a verdict >>if they are under three hours
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it will be good for the defense if they go really long for a few days it could mean a hung jury but beyond that it's anyone's guess ... >>the judge said no to the transcripts of the divorce attorney harry smith ... he would bring the jury back into the court and have the transcripts read out loud ... >>drew peterson is believed to be prepared mentally and emotionally for the verdict ... if convicted he could get up to 60 years in prison one of the key witnesses in the drew peterson trial... is expected to testify today in the christopher vaughn murder trial. the witness: doctor larry blum, a forensic pathologist. yesterday, a former stripper took the stand. maya drake claimed vaughn visited her several times at a strip club, and told her his marriage was failing but never talked about his kids. she testified he said he was
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going to leave his wife, and move to canada. vaughn is charged with shooting to death his wife and three children in june 2007. >>first lady michelle obama took the stage for opening night of the democratic national convention. she spoke about her husband's upbringing and the course he has set for the country. >>i have gotten to see up close and personal what being president really looks like ... i can honestly say that when it comes to his character conviction and his heart barack obama is still the same man that i fell in love with all of those years ago ... >>the first lady also said her husband has proved his values, vision and courage. she made the pitch for the president's re-election bid saying he was the same person who voters embraced four years ago.
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thousands of obama supporters got some bad news today ... when they found out they won't be able to attend the president's convention speech. wgn's frank holland is live at the dnc in charlotte with details. >>tens of thousands of credential holders were hoping to see barack obama outside the back of the bank of america stadium ... but since it is getting taken indoors there's not enough room ... delegates and others were hoping to see another out tour acceptance speech like the one in 2008 in denver ... michele darken who was a volunteer could not wait to be there ... >>it's really amazing ...
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>>an estimated 65,000 ticket holders will be out in the cold >>there's not enough room there are thousands of tickets out there ... the arena can barely hold the delegates ... these volunteers helped by checking credentials and they wanted to sit down at the stadium >>i'm very disappointed that i won't be able to see the president ... >>we brought 500 pairs of these glasses ... >>they wanted to donate a portion of those proceeds to the campaign after a drive from philadelphia they just found out there won't be able to see the president ... >>i am kind of bummed out ... >>the weather isn't good for us nor is it good for the president
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... this man found that he is going from mile high from 2008 to deep disappointment here in charlotte ... here's another look at those obama shades ... there is news for the people who will not be able to get inside the arena there's a conference call scheduled with the president tomorrow no time has been given but campaign officials say they want to get the president back here to charlotte some time before election day ... three actresses were secretly schedule to speak at the convention ... scarlett johansson carry washington and natalie portman are scheduled to address the convention tomorrow ... they will speak before the
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president and the vice-president of those three might also appear on stage together last week clinton eastwood spoke at the republican national convention ... the first family daughters watched their mother speech with their father last night at the white house ... meanwhile congressman paul. ryan has fulfilled his role as an attack dog for the republican ticket ...
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it possible strike by chicago teachers is living now just six days away cps officials have plans to deal with the threatened walkout ... negotiations will continue through friday but today on the second day of school cps students are fearing that a strike still looms and parents are wondering what to do if the teachers walked off the job monday >>i have not heard anything i was going to check the web site again today to be sure that there might be contingency plan and i was going to check with the boys and girls club in my neighborhood to see if there's anything i can do as my own contingency otherwise i don't know what i'm going to do >>lots of parents who spoke to the alexander graham bell elementary school share the sentiments with five days before the scheduled strike day many
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parents have heard little to nothing about the contingency plans should the teachers decide to go on strike monday ... the chicago teachers union wants a new contract that would include among other things a pay raise for the longer days and hours on the schedule ... the district has sent all kinds of messaging to parents giving them a heads up on contingency plans later this week that could include privatized activities and after- school programs ... and a half- day schedule for noninstructional an independent educational activities ... students would also get breakfast and lunch ... parents are saying it's a shame that it's come to this after months of negotiations they just want to know more about the plans for
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a contingency by the end of this week ... >>there are libraries and public schools that would be used along with nonprofits pitching in for contingency plans but will be tough because many parents rely on these schools and the schedules for their educational and day care for their kids ... >>my kids are involved with after-school activities they have contingency plans is a little extra money we're ready to go in the event school is not in session >>in a statement just into the wgn's newsroom from the cps says " cps is working every day with pc t u to get a fair resolution and for teachers and avoid disruptions to the school year for the kids given what's on the table there's no reason why an agreement cannot be reached tool
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available to help parents in both enrolled children at designated sites for contingency plans and will do that by the end of this week the cpu plans to meet at 438 union hall where they could decide to extend the strike deadline mayor emanuel says that while he attends the democratic convention he's keeping a close touch with his staff as the teacher contracts rightstalks continue ... he thinks chicago students ought to stay in school while the cps and the teachers union continue those negotiations >>they have great teachers and those teachers need to stay at the negotiating table ...
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coming up next a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hits off of the west coast of costa rica for some residents there to evacuate >>violence
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a tsunami warning is in effect earthquake struck near costa rica. video from the tower camera of a morning news show in costa rica shows the camera shaking during the quake. it hit off the coast... about 100 miles west of san jose... and ran more than 28 miles deep. buildings were evacuated, but no major injuries or damages have been reported. a tsunami warning was issued for much of the pacific coastlines of panama, nicaragua and costa rica. two nato personnel were killed today in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. nato says the cause of the crash is still under investigation. it happened in the logar province.. an area south of kabul that's largely under taliban control. the taliban quickly claimed responsibility. earlier today.. nato's international security assistance force announced a taliban leader wanted for a truck bombing at a nato base was killed in an air strike tuesday. mideast leaders will meet to talk about what can be done to end syria's civil war. close to 30,000 people have been killed .. including 2200 children. president bashar al-assad has tried to bring down the uprising with military strikes but neither side appears to have gained the upper hand.
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egpyt's new president says the syrian government should resign. egypt ... turkey ... saudi arabia and iran will meet to discuss the syrian crisis. secretary of state hillary clinton discussed syria with chinese leaders in beijing yesterday but couldn't come up with an agreement on how to end the crisis. united continental and american airlines could be held responsible for the september 11th attack on the world trade centers. a u.s. district judge in new york ruled a trial was necessary to determine if the airlines are at fault. world trade center properties... which owned the twin towers, sued the airlines claiming they were negligent for allowing terrorists to board and hijack the planes. the company is seeking more than eight billion dollars... the estimated cost of replacing the two towers as well as claims of negligence. pentagon officials say a new book about the military raid that killed osama bin laden *does* contain classified information. "no easy day"... was written by matt bissonette... a former
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navy seal involved in the mission. the book describes the preparation ahead of the bin laden raid, the day of the operation, and the aftermath. pentagon officials are not stopping sales of the book... but do say they're exploring legal options. the book's co-author denies it contains classified material. it could be more than a week before firefighters get control of a wildfire in california's angeles national forest. at least 3800 acres have burned since the fire started on sunday. officials say high temperatures and thick brush are hampering their efforts to contain the fire. thousands of visitors were forced to evacuate the park over the holiday weekend... but some residents have decided to stay in their homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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i'm deborah kostroun live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: the u.s. government is still bleeding money the treasury department says the budget deficit is at 16 trillion dollars for the first time ever republicans and democrats still debate ways to trim the deficit the debt was just over six trillion just a few years ago ... the nonprofit group oxfam is warning about extreme weather link to climate change resulting in a sudden jump in food prices it says the cost of crops could more than double in one year ...
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mcdonald's has opened its first vegetarian restaurant it's going to be in india it will be in northern india pilgrimage sites for hindus and seek indians ... they are betting on the massive population and growing urbanization to boost sales with this vegetarian menu ... apple is staging a big event next week it will likely announce the new i phone version competitors and not standing by nokia launched two new smart phones with the microsoft windows software ... and 8.7 mega pixel camera wireless charging and screen sensitivity to detect gloved fingers ... amazon is also expected to show to new tablets
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and in e. reeder at an event tomorrow looking at the market stocks are trading higher with anticipated european news still to come this midday, the team is gearing up for sunday's season opener... bears quarterback jay cutler talks about sundays game against the colts. and a cougar is spotted in a north shore suburb, we've got the latest. [ female announcer ] over the years your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... lived, loved ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips.
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cougars are not native to our area... but police in the northern suburbs are investigating a cougar sighting. someone spotted what they believe was a cougar near the skokie river. wgn's julian crews is live in winnetka with the latest on the investigation. wildlife experts are working to confirm the latest reported sighting monday night here in winnetka board of a cougar in glencoe last month ... >>i heard about sightings before never in winnetka ... wow >>i don't want a cougar in my backyard will have to keep our eyes open >>we have seen foxx here ... >>there are plentiful wildlife and deer in the thick woods and
12:27 pm
the ericsson forest preserve if so cooker could survive in the greenway along the north shores skokie river ... a siding near the 1300 block of willow road had a cougar ... it's not unprecedented for these to wander into populated areas it happened in 2008 in chicago police were forced to destroy a cougar that got into the roscoe village near red ... the cats come down from the upper midwest and the dakotas here in illinois the experts say they are strictly passing through in the hunt for food and water ... while in at their residence scratch their heads over the possibility ... >>i see the foxes all the time how the cougar got here i don't
12:28 pm
know >>there's a drought it could be looking for food and fire were a cougar i would come here to winnetka to ... if you do cross paths with this animal run it could trigger an instinctive reaction stand your ground make noise it will scare them away ... call police ... if there's a cougar here on the north shore more than likely it's already left ... still to come tom skilling has your full weather forecast i'm on break sweetheart. [ woman ] you know you don't have to put up with this. those annoying period symptoms. general pain relievers like advil, only treat cramps, but midol has three active ingredients to take care of that... and fatigue and bloating. because you deserve better.
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what's your policy? era laundry detergent once stomped a stain with such power, even chuck norris could respect it. twice the stain fighting power as the next leading liquid value brand. era, the only detergent that's chuck norris approved. lots of activity last night with
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more storms on the way? >>possibly this afternoon ... some of these might stabilize the atmosphere but it's interesting to see if we will get warm enough to destabilize the atmosphere and get more storms developing the storms last night were dramatic ... we're looking at this shot from st. charles one single stroke ... and look at these from this morning these are shell clouds this was taken from a viewer in urbana over the university of illinois veterinary medicine building ... and there was a lot of success with this fear capturing another shelf cloud ... this is fascinating it's
12:32 pm
from brian carpenter near 39 and 51 interstate roads ... it's a very cool photograph we thank them for sending these in to us ... we had debris clouds from the storms in the area last night ... there's a new line of storms forming downstate and that includes southern indiana the storms have been roaring across that area it's quiet here at the moment ... there are some showers in the southwest suburbs but there's nothing on the radar to the west there is a front coming that could bring this air to set off morris thunderstorms ... in wisconsin they had held stones the size of tennis balls
12:33 pm
last night ... belvedere lost windows in buildings that were blown out from the storms ... we are looking at the accumulation totals: 80 degrees and the atmosphere is heating up once again ... we had wind gusts downstate: the clouds are breaking and we are looking at some sunshine up and harvard ... the wind gusts hit 75 mi. per hour near rockford last night ... and
12:34 pm
we're looking at the size of those hailstones of been minnesota the tops of thunderstorms could be 90 degrees below zero those hailstones can easily develop in those tall clouds ... out west we have those red flag wildfire advisory's ... we have the 20th warmest start to the month of september on the records
12:35 pm
we will tap some of the cool air this weekend ... we are 75 degrees now headed for near 90 degrees this afternoon much of the midwest is cooling off as a result of the storms yesterday ... there's a lot of moisture still in the atmosphere the pollen counts are off the charts and the mold spore counts are high ... it's the corn harvest that has begun and it puts lots of debris in the air boosting the pollen counts that's one factor ... and we have those peaks sunburn times in the metropolitan area:
12:36 pm
we are looking at a cooler weekend here ... we will have a beautiful day on the way tomorrow. but we may get some respectable rainshowers and possibly hailstones with those later ... if we get that daytime heat we will see those thunderstorms later today the high temperature today approaches 90 degrees that will tie the record for the most 90 degree-days ever in chicago history in 142 years of record- keeping ... we have 46 days and
12:37 pm
counting we will go down to 64 degrees overnight at the end of the thunderstorms tomorrow will be a gorgeous day lots of sunshine cooler and less humidity the high will be 82 degrees ... time now for today's trivia question: the first six democratic national conventions were held in what city during the years 1832 through 1852? a. chicago b. baltimore c. new york the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news.
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good afternoon. here are the winning picked three number 3 numbers ... 3 1 9
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lotto is $3 million ... and the mega-millions trying as $105 million to get your tickets ... here are the winning pick four numbers: 7 6 7 0 sphere
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time for sports: the white sox starting rotation has struggled lately, and now jose quintana and chris sale have both reached career-highs in innings- pitched. the sox still going for two in a row against the twins. they're up 3-1 in the second when eduardo escobar ties it... quintana did not make it out of the7-run inning. then in the fifth... phil humber gives up a 3-run homer to chris parmalee... part of a 10- run inning for minnesota. the sox used six pitchers... including center fielder dwyane wise, who pitched a scoreless ninth inning. sox lose 18-9... the most runs they've allowed this season. the finale is this afternoon. the tigers with another chance to move into a tie for first place. the indians lead 2-0 in the third... asdrubal cabrera's line drive is ruled fair, but the bat boy touches, allowing an important run to score on the
12:43 pm
ground rule double. tigers lose 3-2, so the sox still lead by a game. cubs trying to avoid another loss in washington. cubs' rookie chris rusin making his second start... and in the first, ian desmond hits a 2-run homer. same score next inning when jesus flores hits a solo shot... rusin gives up five earned runs in just one official inning. seven cubs pitchers allowed a combined six home runs in the game. they lose their 50th road game of the year, 11-5. brian urlacher survived his first practice back from surgery. he tells espn radio that his knee feels as good as it did heading into training camp and whatever knee procedures he had done before camp are not the media's business. urlacher will play in the opener against the colts on sunday.
12:44 pm
we have some guys that can play football on the outside no doubt about that hopefully they will make my job easier ... they know there's pressure on them ... >>the n-f-l season opens tonight with the cowboys visiting the super bowl champion giants. that's a look at sports. [ male announcer ] febreze. eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪
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in medical watch.. the food and drug administration has approved a new drug to treat a rare form of blood and bone marrow cancer. pfizer's "bosulif" is pill that blocks an enzyme which triggers the production of unhealthy cells. it was developed to treat myeloid leukemia patients who carry a specific genetic variation. the disease usually affects seniors. the fda says about 54 hundred patients will be diagnosed with the disease this year. 36 million americans are living with uncontrolled high blood pressure. 14 million others are not even aware they have the condition. high blood pressure.. or hypertension, is a well-known risk factor for heart disease and stroke. the centers for disease control and prevention says hypertension deaths each day in the u.s. cdc director thomas frieden calls high blood pressure "public health enemy #2" after tobacco. here's something you might not expect to hear: you can be both
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fat and fit. researchers analyzed data on more than 43,000 people who were followed for more than 20 years. about 30 percent of the study participants were obese. the researchers report nearly half of the obese people were "metabolically healthy".. based on their blood pressure, "good" cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting glucose levels. there was no difference in the risk of death between metabolically healthy, but obese, participants and those who were metabolically healthy of normal weight. lunchbreak is next. we're making a healthy meat-free burger made with chickpeas and spices. ot sfilodour questions? anyone
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bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. it's time for a lunchbreak... in today's "lunchbreak".... chef alex wachniak is here from lakeview's restaurant "indie burger" it looks juicy and wonderful and it looks like a meat burger but it's made with chickpeas... >>i also have sweet potatoes it brings out the color ... >>very good for you ... how do you put this all together? >>we begin with the dried chickpeas soaked overnight ... we have parsley we have cilantro we have garlic that will
12:52 pm
incorporate everything together ... you pulse in the food processor for a couple of minutes to make sure you get it inc. ... you will put this in a larger mixing bowl ... you can add some canned chickpeas for better texture ... wheat and some diced sauteed onion and some mashed sweet potato that is boiled and mashed and then we use garbanzo bean flour ... and
12:53 pm
we use an egg substitute as a binder and we had some cumin some curry powder some chili powder and some salt and pepper to taste ... those spices also add some nice color ... >>it's a great consistency to form a hamburger style patty ... you will portion this in for an ounce mound4 oz mounds and press into
12:54 pm
a pattie fry this ad medium height ... i use rapeseed willgrapeseed oil... medium heat for 2 minutes at each side we serve this with sweet potato chips ... and we had a mixed green salad featuring some dried cranberries tomato and toasted almonds with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing ... and we
12:55 pm
have a a vegan wraps damage and the signature burger ... as a topping for this burger we have a tizzy key saucetzaziki sauce made with fresh lemon and lime juices and some chopped mint salt and pepper and greek style yogurt ... alex wachniak, thanks so much for joining us. indie burger is at 1034 west belmont avenue. for a recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to:
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: the first six democratic national conventions were held in what city during the years 1832 through 1852? a. chicago b. baltimore c. new york the answer: b, baltimore the city has hosted nine democratic conventions in all most recently in 1912. only chicago has hosted more - a total of 11. it is less likely we will hit 90 degrees today and storms will be developing this afternoon. to the west there is a storm front ... they could bring gusty wind conditions. this will happen around dinnertime here in chicago they will pull away expeditiously ... we will be cycling into cooler weather this weekend ... we will be tapping into that
12:59 pm
montana air mass this weekend ... we will see substantial temperature declines in the center of the country ... tomorrow will be a gorgeous day with unlimited visibility ... we expect cloudiness and some rain storms friday 9 ... we will the overcast saturday morning but we will get some sun breaks it will get windy ... looking at the map of the wind ... the northerly flow will arrive this weekend it will close down ... the coolest weekend in 17 weeks ...

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